A family construction business,
experts in decoration

Pierphy is about people

A builder through and through, in 1978 Philippe De Mesmaeker created the company Pierphy S.A.

Thanks to his expertise and rigour, the company was an immediate success. Twenty years later, he was joined by his eldest son Vincent, who having gained experience in another company, brought the decorative touch that was missing to the family business. Passionate about decoration, he is constantly on the look-out for new materials and finishes. He also developed the sales side of the business. Our watchwords are: attentive, advice, availability and service.

Experts, an entrepreneur, a painter, an electrician, architects, an interior designer and an engineer all working, advising and giving the best they have to rapidly handle every project or contract.

Areas of expertise

    Renovation, Transformation.
    Floor tiling.
    Ceiling installation.
    Industrial cleaning.
    Carpentry and cabinet-making.

Availability / Service / Carrying a project from start to finish